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Dental emergencies refer to mishappenings that can cause damages to a person's teeth or gums. It mainly occurs due to unexpected events.  It is essential to address dental emergencies with immediate care to prevent tooth loss. The dentists of Alpine Dental Associates provide emergency care at the dental practice and offer the best care for the patients.

Common Dental Emergencies 


Toothache is a major dental emergency that is experienced by people. There can be several causes of emergencies detected by an expert dentist. Dentists provide over-the-counter pills which help to reduce the pain. They also offer treatments that help to resolve the significant cause of the toothache. 

Loose or knocked out tooth

Some patients may have a loose or knocked-out tooth in their mouth. By taking quick measures like biting down on the tooth or placing it back into the socket, the dentist may be able to save the tooth. In cases where the tooth cannot be restored, the dentist advises restorative treatments like implants or dentures. 

Soft Tissue Injury

Some accidents may cause soft tissue injury to the patients. The gums may become inflamed, swollen or can also bleed, leading to dental emergencies. The patient is made to rinse their mouth thoroughly and a gauze pad is placed on the area. Pressure is applied to stop the bleeding. The dentist performs a complete dental checkup to analyze the cause of the problem. 

Patients are advised to undergo treatments that help to resolve dental issues, leading to soft tissue injury. 

Missing or Damaged dental restoration

Accidents can cause damages to the temporary or fixed dental restorations in the mouth. In some cases, the dentist can restore the artificial fixture, while in other cases, the patient will need a new restoration, depending on the severity of the damage. The patient should place the restoration in a glass of water to avoid any further damage to it. 

An expert dentist can help the patient through dental emergencies. They also provide valuable tips that help during a dental emergency. 

Alpine Dental Associates, located in Omaha, NE, is equipped with efficient dentists and modern technologies that enable the best dental care facilities for patients. Call us at 402-391-0459 and schedule an appointment with the dentist to know more about treatments provided at the dental practice. 


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